Change your Dynamics CRM grid to new look and feel


Dynamics CRM grid and problems

Working with Dynamics CRM, you see grid everywhere
  • Grid on dashboard
  • Grid on main list of entity
  • Grid on form
  • Associated grid
  • Grid on the advanced find
  • Grid on the lookup window
By default, you can
  • Add/Remove columns
  • Change the order of column
  • Sort columns (Column A then by Column B)
  • Change column width (with a collection re-define width: 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 200, 300 pixels)
But you want more
  • Change text header and format
  • Change column width (without use re-define). E.g: 555 pixel
  • Format column with your define. E.g.: force color, back color, align, ...
  • Condition format row (like Excel). E.g.: format: text bold, italic, force color, back color, ...
  • Border cell on grid
  • Add icon to column (Dynamics 365 only)
  • More than 2 columns sort order

CRM GRID PLUS resolve all these problems above

CRM GRID PLUS not working with UCI.
You can use D365 Icons and Tooltips

What news

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By default, when install CRM GRID PLUS, it allows you 30 days trial with full function.
When your trial expires. You should purchase license to continue use CRM GRID PLUS, otherwise please un-install CRM GRID PLUS.